The early Greek Orthodox immigrants came to Dayton, Ohio, individually, not as a group.  It is hard to fully comprehend the faith, courage and strength of these young men who, with the blessings of their parents, left war torn Greek lands and came to America to forge a new life for their families. They were coming to a land strange to them and without knowing the language. Chris Politz came in 1880, followed by Thomas Caroompas and Charles Zonars in 1902 and Harry Chakeres in 1903. By 1910, there were more than 15 families. 


Annunciation Greek Orthodox Church is now a community that worships together and participates in many other schools, programs and philanthropic activities that also keep the Greek culture alive.


The festival  actually started as a small church "picnic" in 1958, but grew as parishioners began inviting friends and neighbors. Now, the Dayton Greek Festival is celebrated by many as the best festival in Dayton! 

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